Keep thinking of ways to push your business forward so you wont be supplanted.

How To Make Your Small Business Successful

October 26, 2016 12:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Small businesses fail every day, and keeping them running is hard work. 

If your dream is to run a small business, then you want to be successful. Here are some tips for getting off the ground:

  • Sweat the small stuff. During the brainstorming phase, you can focus your energies on developing big ideas and setting far-reaching goals. But once the business is up and running, it's important to think small too. This means making sure the important paperwork gets done. As Chris Seabury writes on Investopedia, business owners need to stay organized and keep detailed records. Running a small company is hard work, especially when only a handful of people are involved. It's easy to lose track of something important at an inopportune time.
  • Be mindful of competition – and be ready to be imitated. Unless you're a groundbreaking inventor, your new business is probably entering well-worn territory. This means you can't succeed without paying close attention to what your competition is doing. It works both ways, too – your competitors will be watching you, and maybe even outright copying you if you have a particularly innovative product or service. Keep thinking of ways to push your business forward so you wont be supplanted.
  • Leads are more important than the brand. You may be tempted to spend your time and resources building a recognizable brand before you get start pursuing real sales leads. Entrepreneur contributor Brad Sugars argues that you need to spend money on getting those sales. You'll want to develop a brand eventually, but in the initial stages, when your company is struggling to survive, getting people to buy your product or service and spread the word is all that matters.

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