Volkswagen faces a potentially devastating stream of lawsuits in light of its manipulation of emission standards.

Volkswagen braces for avalanche of litigation

September 29, 2015 11:55 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Following the shocking revelation that Volkswagen cheated and manipulated US emissions standards, the German automaker is bracing itself for a veritable torrent of litigation. Certain emission pollutants from Volkswagen's diesel vehicles could be in excess of 40 times the amount demonstrated in laboratory testing.

For starters on Friday, September 18, the Environmental Protection Agency released a public warning that Volkswagen could face penalties of up to $18 billion for its actions. For reference, the company's profit in 2014 was $12 billion. 

The potential losses won't just stop there, however, as the company now faces a number of looming private lawsuits from outraged customers. Customers like Bob Rand who bought a Pissat diesel specifically because of its high mileage and clean emissions. He was so impressed with the car on paper that he wound up convincing his son and a friend to buy their own models too.

"Volkswagen was somebody that you could rely on for cutting-edge products and quality and all those things and now you find out that they're not above lying just flat out," Rand told Reuters. "That's probably about as bad a thing as a company can do is lie to your face when you're buying a $35,000 car."

Over half a million Americans purchased "eco-friendly" diesel cars at a premium cost. Rand's lawsuit is seeking class action status to fully represent that group.

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