A judge has dismissed Rick Ross' copyright claim on the phrase "everyday I'm hustlin'."

Rick Ross loses lawsuit over "Everyday I'm Shufflin" T-Shirt

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On Tuesday, September 15, a Florida-based federal judge threw out a huge part of a lawsuit filed by hip-hop superstar Rick Ross. His suit alleged that LMFAO's smash hit "Party Rock Anthem," is a copyright infringement of his own hit song "Hustlin'." LMFAO's song contains the lyric "everyday I'm shufflin'," while Ross' has a similar lyric: "everyday I'm hustlin'." The lawsuit was built around merchandising rights for the phrase.

United States District Judge Kathleen Williams was asked to provide a summary judgment as to whether Ross' three-word phrase, which was released in 2006, is original enough to have a copyright.

"The question presented, however, is not whether the the Iyrics of Hustlin', as arranged in their entirety, are subject to copyright protection," Williams wrote in her opinion, elaborating that "the question is whether the use of a three word phrase appearing in the musical composition, divorced from the accompanying music, modified, and subsequently printed on merchandise, constitutes an infringement of the musical composition Hustlin'. The answer, quite simply, is that it does not."

Substantiating her decision were other similar cases where artists attempted to obtain copyrights for lyrical phrases like "holla back," "we get it poppin'." In both of these cases, the lyrics in question failed to meet the originality criteria for intellectual property status.

Beyond these cases, Williams also pointed out that there's sufficient evidence that Ross wasn't even the first person to come up with the phrase "Everyday I'm Hustlin'." 

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