Uber is facing a $400 million suit from Toronto cab companies.

Toronto cab company Uber for $400 million in class action lawsuit

July 27, 2015 10:27 am Published by Leave your thoughts

A Canadian cab company has filed a $400 million class action lawsuit against ride sharing service Uber, accusing the tech giant and deliberately breaking the law an in an attempt to force Toronto taxis out of business. 

According to the suit, by offering services through which drivers could use their own cars to transport passengers, Uber violated several parts of the Canadian Highway Traffic Act, ultimately causing the local cab industry to suffer a tremendous amount of damage.

The president of Coventry Connections, Hanif Patni, is backing the lawsuit, but isn't sure if it'll be successful in helping his and other local cab company's drivers. "I think we need something to help the drivers immediately," he said in an interview with CBC Ottawa. "It's the responsibility of the politicians and the police to make sure this level of enforcement is in place."

He went on to claim that it's not the fact that Uber is disrupting his business that bothers him so much as that they're disrupting it by illegal means. "We don't mind Uber disrupting us if they're paying the HST, if they're paying the appropriate insurance, if they're getting the correct licenses and paying the cities and provinces the appropriate license fees. They don't do any of that."

Uber's spokespeople have dismissed the lawsuit's claims, stressing that the company has never stopped following the law. 

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