Here are three behaviors expert entrepreneurs say the new generation of founders should nip in the bud.

3 things entrepreneurs should stop doing

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Today's business marketplace is filled with news of small businesses and entrepreneurs making it big. That doesn't mean that entrepreneurship is easy, but it does show that many people around the world find it worthwhile and rewarding.

One of the hardest parts of starting a new business is getting out of your own way. Here are three behaviors expert entrepreneurs say the new generation of founders should nip in the bud:

Focusing on too many things at once: Many entrepreneurs are natural workaholics and multitaskers. While there are undoubtedly certain instances when you will be forced to spread yourself thin, as a new business owner, constantly doing too many things simultaneously isn't smart. Not only will you bring on a burnout, it doesn't make any business sense to do 100 things "well enough," when you could be doing 10 things amazingly or 20 things excellently. Instead of focusing on quantity get into the habit of producing quality work, even if it takes a bit longer than you are used to.

Refusing to get help: Don't work yourself to death because you were too proud to admit you needed help. Entrepreneurship does not mean having to work grueling hours. You can choose to work night and day, but that means you aren't utilizing the wealth of individuals and technology available that could make your job so much easier. Outsourcing and automation are lifesavers and there is nothing wrong with using them to their full extent.

Getting started without revenue: Adam Callinan, entrepreneur and venture investor, writes on Entrepreneur: "If I hear one more pitch where the entrepreneur says, 'we're not worrying about revenue until X happens,' I'm going to poke my eyes out. You're starting a business, not a hobby, and the likelihood of you building the next Snapchat is fantastically low." He suggests creating something that provides value, which smart people would be willing to pay for.

Get rid of these bad habits quickly, and make sure to contact an experienced business attorney as soon as possible to protect your legal interests.

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