There are many qualities that set entrepreneurs apart from other people.

How to become a successful startup leader

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Successful startup leaders come from many walks of life, all educational and personal backgrounds, and every country on Earth. There is no formula for entrepreneurial personalties, no way to judge who will have the vision and drive to become a leader in the business world. Still, there are many qualities that exceptional entrepreneurs share, which set them well apart from other people. These characteristics help them become the best at what they do. Here are a few examples:

They believe in themselves: The best leaders have a firm sense of themselves and their abilities. Their confidence is built on experience, multiple failures and just as many successes. They are always growing, and aware of what they do well and what they can improve on. They have no problem taking responsibility for their errors because they understand that mistakes don't signal personal self-worth. The best entrepreneurs know that negatives can easily be turned into positives, and that at some point they will undoubtedly get it right.

They are not afraid to bend the rules: Successful business leaders are immensely intelligent. While there is no specific education path that leads to entrepreneurial success, top leaders will have smarts. They will understand the rules of the job to a tee, and will know when a rule is working and when it needs to be improved on. Their expertise allows them to understand when the risk of leaving the beaten path is worth it.

They encourage others: Entrepreneurial personalities understand that success comes from collaboration, not individual effort. They make an effort to ask for opinions, treat team members as equals, and are always prepared to listen to new ideas. They also expect the best out of their fellows. Leaders don't treat workers as inferior, but instead constantly challenge and encourage them to do more, to take risks, and to think out of the box.

They act with intent: There are no accidents or coincidences for entrepreneurs. Everything they do carries intent and has a reason. Exceptional leaders always know what they are doing and why, whether they are consulting a business attorney, recruiting talent or wooing investors.

They communicate well: Vision is a key to entrepreneurship. All startup leaders have a dream they are working to achieve. Being able to articulate this ambition to others is necessary for business success. The best leaders also facilitate conversations between their employees and themselves. They understand that brainstorming and outside input are important because running a company is a group effort. Entrepreneurs are specific, succinct and avoid ambiguous statements and generalities at all cost.

There are many qualities that set entrepreneurs apart from other people. Above all they are strong leaders who are passionate about making the world a brighter place.

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