Companies should be aware of the legal implications of trademark infringement.

Trademark affects businesses of all sizes

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Recently, this blog discussed what can happen when a business chooses a name that has been trademarked by another company. When this happens, especially when companies are in similar industries, it has the potential to create confusion for consumers, which can have the effect of causing damage to a business. The purpose of a trademark is to serve as a distinguishing mark that differentiates a company from competitors and makes it easy for customers to associate the name with its products and branding. 

A recent AdWeek article discusses how several major brands are embroiled in trademark disputes in court. The disputes in question concern who has the rights to various words. Some of the words these companies are fighting for include "Pink," "Tennessee" and "Diesel." Although these words are common, because the lawsuits involve large brands, the stakes are higher.

The article explains that large international brands may have more power in these types of cases. It is noted that as some brands begin to have international expansion, other brands that have the trademark may already have the rights to it. As a result, a lawsuit may ensue.

Expansion is a goal for many types of business, but before moving into new territory, it's a good idea for companies to have a sense of possible legal issues that could arise. Having a solid understanding of how intellectual property law affects your business can help ensure you are using a trademark that is unique. 

Is your business using trademark correctly? Contact a Phoenix, AZ small business attorney to learn more about the ways copyright and trademark can affect your business, and what you can do to mitigate the risks of possible legal disputes. 

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