Headphone companies Bose and Beats enter patent lawsuit.

Headphone companies enter patent lawsuit over noise cancelling technology

July 28, 2014 7:31 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Patent lawsuits are commonplace in the tech world. When two companies produce similar technologies, it is possible that one company may sue another if it has reason to believe its unique invention is being used by the other company. However, patent lawsuits are not always cut and dry, and in some cases will go to court when the patent ends up being determined to be too general to be legitimate. In cases where infringement has truly occurred, the damages may have the potential to be significant.

Recently, headphone manufacturer Bose took legal action against another headphone manufacturer, Beats. Bose creates noise-cancelling headphones, and alleges that Beats infringed on the headphones' patents. According to an article from CNBC, Bose is intending to claim damages for the alleged infringement. The company says that a number of patents are in place to protect the noise cancellation technology. 

Tech Crunch reports that Bose claims that it has performed research for 50 years to come up with this technology. As such, the company is taking action to protect its intellectual property by taking the necessary legal steps. In addition to claiming infringement occurred in the first place, Bose also claims that Beats willfully infringed on its patents in creating its own products.

Whether or not infringement took place may be up to the courts to determine. It is more likely that Bose will be successful in its case if it is determined that Beats infringed upon Bose's unique inventions. 

As has been discussed previously on this blog, when intellectual property is stolen it can be damaging to business. Companies can contact a Phoenix, AZ small business attorney to learn more about how to legally protect intellectual property. 

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