Nintendo was found to have infringed on patents owned by Philips Electronics.

Nintendo found to have infringed on Philips Electronics patents

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As we have discussed previously, patent infringement is a frequent occurrence in the tech sector. Companies may take steps to protect unique processes and inventions from infringement, but if another company produces a similar technology, it could result in a patent lawsuit. 

Nintendo, creator of the Wii gaming console, was recently found to have infringed on two patents owned by Philips Electronics, according to Bloomberg. The patents in question dealt with technology that recognizes motion and hand gestures. According to the article, a U.K. court found Nintendo liable for infringing on two patents, but not a third.

Patents are designed to describe specific processes and technologies that are different from general knowledge. According to a U.K. High Court Judge, Colin Birss, Nintendo's use of the technology was not convincing as having come from general knowledge. 

"The common general knowledge did not include a device combining a physical motion sensor with a camera and the reasons advanced by Nintendo for putting those two sensors together in one unit are unconvincing," wrote Birss in the decision.

According to a Reuters article, a spokesman for Philips Electronics, Bjorn Teuwsen, said the legal action against Nintendo was taken after attempts at a licensing agreement between the two companies did not happen. Philips has also taken legal action against Nintendo in the United States, France and Germany. According to Bloomberg, Nintendo has plans to appeal the decision. 

When a company creates a work of intellectual property, it is important to take action to protect it from the possibility of infringement. Before using a patented technology, it is crucial to obtain the licensing or correct permissions to use that technology. A Phoenix, AZ small business attorney can provide information about how intellectual property law affects your business. 

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