Arizona's tourism numbers are improving, meaning that some merchants will find it easier to start businesses in the state.

Tourism boosting Arizona’s local economy

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There's good news on the horizon for those considering starting a business in Arizona.

According to a report in the Camp Verde Bugle, the state hosted 38 million tourists this year, resulting in what the news source called "the best tourism year in more than a decade." All told, tourists spent $19.3 billion in the state, or $53 million per day. 

When adjusted for inflation, that amounts to 2.5 percent more spending than in 2011.

It's numbers like these that suggest a strengthening economy in the state. The news source reported that 161,300 Arizonans are employed in jobs directly related to tourism—an increase over 2011.

Arizona has not had it easy during the past few years. First, the global economic slowdown cut back on tourism and put a damper on the local economy.

"During the really tough times, what they tried to do is what everybody did: doing more with less," State Tourism Director Sherry Henry told the Bugle.

In addition, controversy over the state's SB 1070 law, which gave state and local law enforcement more power to detain and arrest those believed to be in the country illegally, may have also caused some organizations to cancel conventions in the state.

But now that the numbers are improving, the economic environment has never been better for merchants to open new businesses.

"Now, everybody's beginning to gain a comfort zone," Henry said.

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