A lawyer is much more than someone who can protect a business from lawsuits.

The advantages of acquiring proactive small business legal advice

April 18, 2013 2:45 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

On this blog, we devote much time to discussing certain instances where companies have fallen into trouble and find themselves in need of small business legal advice. In many cases, these are reactionary measures to deal with external issues such as lawsuits. In other cases it's to properly execute mergers. When dealing with intellectual property cases, it's common to hear of someone suing or protecting themselves over copyright claims. However, legal help does not always have to be used in this manner.

A recent article for the Wall Street Journal Law Blog looked at when a business should get legal help and how proactive assistance from a lawyer can benefit a company in the long term. This first example involved intellectual property. According to a study cited in the article, those who apply for a trademark are 50 percent more likely to get approval from the U.S. patent office than those who don't.

The study, which is set to be leased in the 2013 Stanford Technology Law Review, shows exactly the type of benefit that can come from having a legal professional at your side. Those who filed for a patent without an adviser have had a success rate of 42 percent when it comes to acquiring patents. However, those who did have a lawyer alongside them received approval from the patent office 60 percent of the time.

Getting a lawyer shouldn't be a last-ditch maneuver to avoid costly penalties due to a violation or as a response to a lawsuit. Local companies have much to gain from working with a Phoenix small business attorney. In addition to providing expert legal defense in these situations, a lawyer can also provide sound advice in order to prevent those types of events from occurring.

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