Georgian residents have filed claims against a number of power plants.

Georgia residents sue power plants for allegedly causing pollution

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A group of residents from Juliette, Georgia have filed lawsuits against a number of electricity providers, including Georgia Power and Plant Scherer, according to The Macon Telegraph. The plaintiffs, who filed their suits in Dekalb County State Court, alleged that these businesses polluted their properties and damaged their health.

Vulcan Materials, which operate a rock quarry in the area, is also being targeted by the plaintiffs. They accuse the companies of battery, fraud, racketeering and negligence. For instance, the power plants allegedly failed to include a liner beneath the coal ash waste pond, which benefits them financially but poses a risk to public health.

“Their lives have been changed because of this. They’re angry and they’re disturbed,” Brian Adams, a lawyer representing some of the plaintiffs, told the news source. “And at the end of the day, we know it’s just not right.”

Approximately a quarter of Juliette residents have hired legal teams to represent them against the power companies. According to the news source, various residents have found the uranium levels in their wells to be dangerously high. The international company Royal Dutch Shell has also seen its share of pollution claims, as a Nigeria oil spill has brought numerous lawsuits. The New York Times reported that a Dutch court dismissed most of the allegations brought by Nigerian farmers against Shell for the oil spill. 

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