California warehouse workers file lawsuit against Walmart

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Warehouse workers in Southern California have filed a lawsuit against Walmart related to a dispute in wages, according to the Huffington Post. This is the first time the major retailer has been directly implicated and accused of committing labor law violations, as previous abuse has been directed at subcontractors forcing employees to work in substandard conditions or short-changing on pay.

"Walmart's name does not appear on any of these workers paychecks, and the Walmart logo does not appear on the t-shirts they're required to wear," Michael Rubin, the plaintiffs' lawyer, stated in the filed lawsuit. "But it has become increasingly clear that the ultimate liability for these workplace violations rests squarely on the shoulders of Walmart."

While Walmart does outsource its warehouse operations to third-party logistics firms, the plaintiffs claim that the company at large is to blame regarding their wage disputes. With the company at the top of the contract chain, the workers allege it is responsible for all goods that pass through its doors.

The main issue at hand is that many of the employees allegedly worked 12 to 16-hour days without receiving overtime pay. The workers are seeking a class-action status for their lawsuit, which will put a dent in the overall business plan of Walmart.

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