Restaurant, hotel and carwash allegedly paid employees below minimum wage

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Representatives from the South Texas Civil Rights Project and Fuerza del Valle Workers' union will be representing a number of restaurant employees in at least two federal lawsuits, according to the publication Valley Central.

The restaurant chefs claim to have been paid well below the $7.25 minimum wage, amounting to $5.00 per hour at the most and as low as a $2.54 hourly wage.

Brownsville's Carwash Plus has also had four lawsuits filed against it by the Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid (TRLA) due to the allegations of workers. The employees claimed that they worked between 54 and 70 hours per week and were compensated significantly under minimum wage. Allegedly, employers paid these workers only $2 per hour and sometimes as little as $1.10.

"The employees were required to be at work but were only paid for the minutes they were literally touching someone's car. That’s unacceptable and against the law," TRLA attorney Kelsey Snapp told the source. "Employers can try all the tricks they want to avoid paying fair wages, but it won't work. The law protects workers from these shenanigans."

The Huffington Post reported that hotel workers in Indianapolis have settled claims regarding lawsuits filed against their employers who allegedly failed to fully pay them for their services.

With all of these lawsuits and claims against employers, it is vital for business owners to ensure that they are paying their workers at least minimum wage or risk a major dispute, which may go public.

Arizona companies should speak with business attorneys in Phoenix to learn more about their state's requirements on wages and employee relations.

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