Printing company sued for allegedly delivering defective product

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A printing company is currently at odds with another party due to disputes related to 2011 a contract, according to the Wisconsin-based publication PostCrescent. School Specialty Inc. filed a civil lawsuit in U.S. District Court against R.R. Donnelley & Sons, claiming the the Chicago-based company delivered a defective product.

The plaintiffs are alleging that they lost as much as $1 million in productivity due to the failed item. R.R. Donnelley has filed a counterclaim against the initial lawsuit, saying that School Specialty did not include all imperative information in its job specification and broke its contract.

Furthermore, R.R. Donnelly claims to have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars when they took their business elsewhere. The issue stems from the allegation that the product delivered contained excessive ink and chemicals that caused the covers of the company's agendas o curl. As such, School Specialty was unable to sell a product that didn't meet necessary standards and were forced to reprint or fix millions of covers.

School Specialty is seeking more than $1 million in its claim. R.R. Donnelly is also seeking punitive damages in an unspecified amount through its counterclaim.

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