Wal Mart accused of violating minimum wage laws

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The major retail chain Wal Mart has been accused of requiring temporary employees to come in early for their shifts, work through lunch and stay late. In addition, the company has been accused of violating minimum wage laws and overtime earnings, according to Reuters. The employees filed a lawsuit in a Chicago federal court on Monday, which may affect the lives of hundreds of temporary Wal Mart workers in the region.

Recently, various workers have formed strikes against Wal Mart in cities across the United States, with a protest currently planned for Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days during the holiday season. A group that finds Wal Mart at fault of creating difficult work conditions is OUR Wal Mart, which staged the first Los Angeles-based strike against the company in early October.

In Dallas, employees also walked off the job, claiming they deserve more rights under the union-based organization. In addition, the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union has taken a strong interest in helping the minimum-wage workers. Four years ago, the retail chain was forced to pay at least $640 million to settle dozens of class-action lawsuits regarding wage-related disputes.

"They feel they have a stronger voice now over working conditions," Elizabeth Brennan, spokesperson for Warehouse Workers United, told the publication In These Times about the Wal Mart strikes taking place around the country.

Businesses in Arizona will need to ensure that they follow all laws related to wages and salaries appropriately or else endanger their company to a slew of lawsuits. The Fair Labor Standards Act applies to the majority of businesses or, specifically, any that accrue $500,000 or more in annual sales.

Even a company that doesn't meet this standard may still be required to ensure employees receive minimum wage due to interstate commerce clauses. Along with this, states and cities also have a variety of individual wage-related laws. Arizona businesses would be wise to consult Phoenix business attorneys for these details.

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