Chicago factory accused of being responsible for man’s death

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Companies have a duty to their employees to ensure that everyone is safe and work processes will not lead to harm. For example, if a worker isn't given a helmet to wear at a construction site and gets hit in the head, he or she may decide to sue the company to pay for any ensuing injuries. To avoid employment-related lawsuits, Arizona businesses may want to consult Phoenix business attorneys.

Raani Corporation is one such company that will need the help of lawyers, as a family has filed a lawsuit against this business due to the death of Carlos Centeno Sr., according to the Associated Press. The lawsuit alleges that the Chicago-based factory failed to get this individual medical attention after he was sprayed with a toxic chemical solution.

Last November, Centeno was cleaning a tank when a citric acid explosion left him with burns on 80 percent of his body. Workers and management at the household products manufacturing plant allegedly failed to take him to the hospital immediately after the event.

Centeno was taken to a medical clinic more than half an hour after the citric acid explosion and died three weeks later, due to complications from his injuries. The lawsuit states that company managers did not call 911 after the incident.

"Raani intentionally did not go to the hospital, they did not call an ambulance, did not call 911 despite having third-degree burns over a third of his body," Attorney Stephan Blandin told NBC Chicago.

Raani has since had more than 14 health and safety violations filed against the company and has had to pay $500,000 in fines. Businesses that need help with any similar violations should consider speaking to business law attorneys in Phoenix.

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