Attorney Noreen Krall aided in Apple’s patent win

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In order to win patent infringement lawsuits, business owners will need to consult and hire strong, effective attorneys with necessary leadership skills. Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported that Noreen Krall, the attorney for Apple Inc. in the company's patent litigation proceedings, could very well be the reason the iPhone maker is succeeding in the lawsuits. By conferring with lawyers from Phoenix law offices, business owners are also likely to gain an advantage in the courtroom.

Krall has traveled around the world, protecting the company's patent rights, and her biggest win took place on August 24 when Apple was awarded $1 billion from Samsung due to its violation of patents relating to the development of the iPhone. This product is vital to the success of the company, as Apple received 46.4 percent of its profits from the iPhone, which generated at least $47 billion total.

"There is no historical precedent for what Noreen Krall is doing," John Thorne, former legal counsel of Verizon Communications Inc.’s intellectual property team, told the news source. "Good generalship produces results like Noreen has gotten. She’s mastering big decisions, like which law firms to hire, how to manage resources, how much of Tim Cook’s time to take."

Krall has brought together a team from the top U.S. law firms in order to fight Samsung in the patent infringement battle. Recently, MacRumors mentioned that some Samsung officials are considering to sue Apple for patent infringement regarding the iPhone 5, which may bring more litigation proceedings for Krall and her team to handle.

Arizona companies that are looking for a strong legal counsel for a patent infringement case, much like Apple's legal team, would be wise to speak with a Phoenix business attorney.

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