Medical malpractice lawsuits cost New York City $134 million

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Business owners need to ensure that their company and its products or services do not cause harm to customers, much like a number of healthcare services in New York City were alleged to have done. Safety and security regulations are a necessity at any company and businesses in Arizona that find themselves accused of endangering consumers are advised to speak with Phoenix business law attorneys.

A number of healthcare facilities in New York City have been accused of medical malpractice and of endangering patients, according to the New York Daily News. Over the last year, NYC's hospitals have had to provide $134 million in settlements to patients who accused physicians of medical malpractice.

For instance, a birth delivery at Queens Hospital Center led to the baby getting a skull fracture and an unsteady heart rate. Deidre Thompson, the mother of the child, was told the baby was not coming down the birth canal, which is why the practitioners administered the drug Pitocin to boost contractions.

The doctors did not perform a C-section and kept urging Thompson to push, which led the baby's heart rate to drop. Once born, the child was unable to breath on his own and a CT scan showed bleeding along with a skull fracture.

"When an injury occurs, there is no doubt it is devastating to the patient and their family. And we recognize how difficult it is for all involved," Health and Hospitals Corporation spokeswoman Ann Marengo told the news source.

Florida-based publication Ocala reported that a pediatrician in Marion County could be facing a medical malpractice lawsuit due to Dr. Yves-Lande Pierre's alleged connection in the death of a nine-month old baby.

Physicians and medical clinics are no doubt aware of their exposure and risk, but for them it is more difficult for them to avoid liability by entity or contract. However, other businesses can greatly reduce their exposure by "organizational engineering," including the choice and formation of the right business entity as well as well drafted contracts for use with their customers and vendors.  Arizona businesses that wish to avoid or protect themselves from lawsuits similar to the New York City and Florida medical malpractice cases should speak to business law attorneys in Phoenix.

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