Samsung refuses to comply with 3G patent agreement

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Samsung and Apple have been in what seems to be a never-ending battle over patents, and the intellectual property lawsuit may not come to a close anytime soon. Venture Beat reported that Samsung refused to negotiate over licensing 3G-related patents on Monday.

Samsung has accused Apple of violating patents in an Australian court this week. Initially, Apple sued Samsung over one year ago, in April of 2011, alleging that the firm violated a patent over its design regulations. Currently, Samsung claims that Apple refused to negotiate fair and equal licensing terms.

According to ZDNet, Samsung initially signed an agreement with Qualcomm to not sue Apple for using their 3G licensing patents, but broke the truce when Apple accused them of violating patents with their Galaxy Tab.

Regarding the broken agreement, Samsung counsel said, "There was an agreement between Samsung and Qualcomm. That agreement was not a licence agreement. It contains a contractual provision that Samsung would not sue Qualcomm or customers of Qualcomm who apply [the 3G patents]. Samsung has done nothing other than take steps to protect its patent rights against infringement."

Based on court proceedings, Samsung claimed that their rival violated three patents on 3G designs when developing the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

Initially, Samsung accused Apple of infringing upon seven patents but has now lowered claims to include only three cases, which encompasses devices and methods for the reception of data.

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