Plaintiffs allege Chinese drywall causes health problems

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A large number of consumers have filed lawsuits against companies that allegedly sold toxic Chinese drywall, according to NewsInferno. Insurance companies were in the midst of settling the claims through a $13 million settlement. The plaintiffs have alleged that sulfurous gases emitted from the drywall have caused severe property damage, affecting metal plumbing, smoke detectors, electrical wiring and other household products.

The settlement offered compensation to 200 homeowners with damage from the Chinese drywall. Along with the insurers, a number of companies that had sold and imported the drywall also took part in settling these lawsuits. Some of the firms include Venture Supply, Porter-Blaine and Nationwide Mutual Insurance.

According to JD Supra, plaintiffs in New Orleans settled a class action lawsuit against the defective product for $80 million. The number of plaintiffs in this suit reached as much as 10,000 individuals. The drywall allegedly caused health problems for residents, such as breathing difficulties, and emitted an adverse smell.

"Claimants will have a certain period of time to object or opt out of the global settlement," Russ Herman, a plaintiff's attorney, told the news source. "Then there will be a hearing in September in which the plaintiffs committee will support the settlement as will the parties, and objectors will have their say as to why they believe settlement is not fair or not adequate."

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